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    Mimos Contractors serves the greater Seattle area. We look forward to hearing from you and learning about your next home project.

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  • About Us

  • Mimos Contractors is owned and operated by Allan Enamorado and serves the greater Seattle area. Allan has over 10 years experience in all aspects of home construction and remodeling. Mimos Contractors offers quality workmanship and specializes in all phases of remodeling.

    Allan prides himself on quality workmanship, clear communication, exceptional customer service, beautiful design, and creative solutions to maximize the value of your remodeling investment. He loves doing kitchen and bathroom remodels, as well as new flooring, lighting and exterior renovation.

  • Allan Enamorado - Owner

    Allan has over 10 years experience working on a variety of home remodeling projects.  He is a perfectionist by nature and his satisfaction comes from taking a step back and admiring a job well done.  Allan approaches each project in an organized fashion -- yet, is flexible to adapt to changing requirements or unforeseen problems, as they may arrive.  Easy to smile and a great communicator, you will enjoy discussing your next home project with Allan.